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rio jaguaribe ARNEIRÓS CEARÁ

as crianças nadando no rio jaguaribe no paraizo em Arneirós Ceara.

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7 коммент. к “rio jaguaribe ARNEIRÓS CEARÁ”

  1. speedevil74:

    Why couldn’t she stand-up? 

  2. pablo curley:

    He look like a fuck retard

  3. Kyo Mocho:

    Why is her underpants off!?!?!!?!?! Just like that this video gets almost
    half a million views -_-

  4. jill jones:

    the boys are dum they should have bee playing with her

  5. tom tom:

    yes why was she without her suit bottoms???

  6. Wilson Nogueira:

    ai sim!!!

  7. Jeffrey J.:

    Winter doesn’t exist here.